Fallen on fire as MiBR reach ECS finals

MiBR and Avangar both advance to their respective ECS finals

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Kamil Malinowski · 15 May 2019


Photo via MiBR

Week 4 of ECS Season 7 is well underway with two teams already reaching this week's finals, while the remaining semi-final matchups are set.

MiBR and Avangar are the two teams that have made it to the finals in their respective regions. MiBR were able to scrape through two tough matches against Singularity and eUnited, with both series ending in close 2-1 results. The Brazilian side owes their victories to their captain, Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, who was on top form and able to secure crucial kills to win pivotal rounds in both series.

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Avangar, on the other hand, managed to breeze into the finals with two easy wins over ForZe and Virtus.pro. Ali “Jame” Djami’s incredible performances were the catalyst for Avangar’s wins this week, as the Russian player was able to deliver clutch after clutch to keep the momentum firmly in his team’s favor.

Avangar now awaits either Nip or Mousesports in the finals, while MiBR will play the winner of Liquid vs Luminosity on May 16 for a spot at this season’s ECS LAN finals.

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