forZe and Syman qualify for the StarLadder Major

The last Minor has now concluded, the Minor Play-in begins tomorrow.

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon George Geddes · 28 Jul 2019


Photo via StarLadder

The final participants for the StarLadder Major Main qualifier and the StarLadder Minor Play-in have been decided. Today, both forZe and Syman have become the final two teams to directly qualify for the StarLadder Major from the CIS Minor. DreamEaters finished third, and therefore qualify for the Minor Play-in to try and gain a spot at the Major. 

forZe dominated the CIS Minor. Similar to NRG in the Americas Minor, the Russian team did not lose a single map. ForZe quickly dispatched of Syman in the opening match 16-9. Going into the best-of-three match-ups, forZe would play against Gambit Youngsters. Although the youngsters performed well in the tournament, it was not enough to beat forZe as the Russian side took the game 2-0. 

Moving on, the team would face off against Spirit, one of the favorites to win the tournament, in the semi-final. The match was extremely close, with both teams winning a minimum of 12 round each on both maps. However, forZe would take the series 2-1. 

In the final, forZe would rematch against Syman from the opening round. However, unlike the Spirit match, this game would be extremely dominant for forZe. The Russian team won 16-5 and 16-6, taking the series 2-1. 

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It was a much more difficult run for second place finishers Syman. The CIS team would lose its opening match to forZe. However, it would bounce back immediately, with victories against Unique and Gambit Youngsters. 

The semi-final upper bracket would see Syman play against DreamEaters. After a tense game with two overtimes, Syman would eventually close out the series 2-1 in its favor. However, the team would lose to forZe, so it was placed in the lower bracket. 

After DreamEaters beat Spirit, an immediate rematch was on the table. However, this match was just as close. Although the game did not go into a third map, there was still an overtime on the first map. However, Syman would manage to take the game 2-0. 

As a consolidation, third place finishers DreamEaters have qualified for the Minor play-in. The team will be playing against INTZ in the first round, with North playing MVP PK in the other match. 

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