Stuchiu Major Power Ranks: Top 5 Dust2 teams

Stuchiu runs down the five best Dust2 teams at the Major

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Stephen Chiu · 1 Aug 2019


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We are in the calm before the storm. The CS:GO player break has started, but once it’s over the Berlin Major begins. I’ve done some prep work for the Major and have decided to release it in the form of power rankings. In this first set of blogs, I'll be power ranking teams by map. In terms of criteria, I looked at overall results, with an emphasis on more recent results* and wins against top rated teams. I’ve also taken into account the overall strengths and weaknesses of each team relative to the field. I’ve ignored teams that aren’t at the Major (like Fnatic and Heroic) and teams that aren’t playing with a set 5 man roster (like MIBR and NiP).

*Map scores were counted using HLTV. The filters were by team, on LAN, in the last three months of play and were filtered on July 30th.

5 - North

I was considering three teams for the fifth spot: Astralis, Mouz and North. Astralis are 3-3 in the last three months on the map and during their era, they had a ludicrous winrate on it. The reason I couldn’t pick them is that their only recent win on the map comes against NiP at Cologne, who were playing with a stand-in. Mouz was another candidate as they are currently 4-1 on the map, but the names aren’t as good as the numbers. They have wins over Fnatic, Sprout, Na`Vi, and AVANGAR. I don’t consider any of those teams great at Dust2. 

As for North, they are 5-2 on the map. Their two best wins are against Liquid and Vitality. They’ve also lost to CR4ZY and FaZe. In terms of style, it fits with what I’ve seen of Valdemar “valde” Bjorn’s calling style thus far. He is best at using explosive tactics without overcomplicated defaults and Dust2 allows for that. Overall, it’s a good map for North.

4 - FaZe

FaZe come in at fourth with a 4-3 record. While the numbers are slightly worse than North, the variance of FaZe’s play has been a bit better. FaZe have wins over North, G2, NiP, and Windigo. Their losses are from G2, ENCE, and Liquid. The two W-L records are comparable, so what edged it for FaZe was the eye test. FaZe have better firepower and a few extra tactical cards that North lacks. 

Filip “NEO” Kubski has better mid-round calling relative to valde and it is most effective on this map. While FaZe’s explosive hits are arguably weaker, they make up for it with better firepower. Finally, FaZe can always pull the Nikola “NiKo” Kovac go down mid doors and kill something move. 

3 - G2

Coming in third place is G2. Dust2 has been one of the core maps for the resurrection of this squad and in the last three months they have a 8-5 record on the map. Their best wins are against Liquid, NRG, FaZe, heroic,and ENCE. At the beginning of their run, they were losing to teams like Renegades and Valiance, but as time has gone on, they’ve only dropped the map to Liquid, NRG, and FaZe.

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Among G2’s maps, Dust2 is their most complete map. They can play offense and defense to a high degree. It is also the map with the highest chances of Kenny “kennyS” Schrub and Richard “shox” Papillon going off at the same time.

2 - Vitality

Vitality barely edged out G2 in my rankings. Vitality have a 8-4 record with notable wins against Liquid, Astralis, and NRG. They’ve dropped the map to Liquid, Heroic, NiP, and North. The overall W-L was fairly comparable, so it came down to the eye test and the essence of each team’s core styles.

Dust2 is an AWP heavy map and while kennyS may be in the midst of another revival, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut is the better sniper right now. In terms of tactics and teamplay, I think Vitality are ahead of G2 slightly on Dust2. Finally, when it comes down to it, Vitality are a more consistent team and feel like a safer bet against the field compared to G2.

1 - Liquid

I have Liquid as the best Dust2 team, but it’s a different number one from Overpass. Liquid are 11-5 on the map with notable wins against Vitality, Na`Vi, G2, FaZe, and ENCE. Their losses come from G2, Vitality, North, NRG, and Fnatic. In terms of raw w-L record, no one can mess with Liquid.

The difference between Liquid on Dust2 and Liquid on Overpass though is that it doesn’t look flawless. Overpass seems perfect in terms of roles, positions, tactics, and teamplay. I can’t say the same for Dust2 as Liquid have had multiple close calls on the map and were bailed out by their clutch individual firepower. Vitality look like the better unit, but Liquid’s firepower is off the charts and in the small-man scenarios, Liquid’s teamplay shines through.

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