G2 upsets Na'Vi on Overpass

The French win a nail-biter of a match

Counter-Strike: GO's Icon Sascha Heinisch · 28 Aug 2019


Screenshot via StarLadder's Twitch Channel

In their first match of the new legends stage at the StarLadder Major Berlin, G2 took home their first victory against Natus Vincere.

In a hard-fought match on Overpass that went the length to overtime, G2 closed out the map at a score of 19-17. Na’Vi looked to run away with the map on their CT side and G2 had to take three timeouts.

With an impressive comeback on their own CT side on the back of impressive holds by François "AmaNEk" Delaunay on bombsite A, G2 dragged the game into overtime. Once there, G2 showed impeccable defense and secured a 3-0 half-point lead. While Na’Vi was able to win their first CT round, Audric “JaCkz” Aug finished it out with four kills in the 36th round.

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In the post-match interview, team captain Richard "shox" Papillon said the following about the match: “We had a couple of good reads and we stayed together as a unit and that was the most important.”

Na’Vi, who looked stunned after the match, will have to go through the loser’s round tomorrow.

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